Teaming with Quality

Every construction project is built with a team that reflects the crème de la crème in their field. In this sense, Martoccia doesn’t just work with established professional contractors – she handpicks master craftsmen and artisans who are known for their exquisite work. One glance at a Martoccia residence or building bears witness to this commitment to quality.
Martoccia Custom Construction also collaborates closely with long-established area vendors. Victoria and her hand-selected suppliers have teamed up with great success on many diverse projects to create living spaces where design and construction blend as one.

Building On One Another’s Strengths

Victoria Martoccia and each team of chosen professionals combine their individual talents to co-create dramatic living spaces for interested clients across the area. They combine the best in design, construction and high-end materials to produce marvelous home and workplace aesthetics. By sharing a deep commitment to excellence – and a genuine desire to delight every customer – an alliance develops that informs and unifies their collaborations.
They quickly develop a design shorthand, where each helps the other bring to life exquisite creations for their clients. From concept-to-completion, design elements are seamlessly accommodated by original construction; likewise, living spaces are often reconstructed to enhance a unique design. There’s always flexibility in how design and development come together to ensure the most dramatic outcomes. With every collaboration, harmony blends all elements together in a melody of style and substance.
The Martoccia alliances are rare in a business where communication gaps often hinder smart design. So, rest assured; whether your project is a residential or commercial build, with Victoria on the job, it will be like no other. You’ll be thrilled with your results!

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